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Adjustment & Manipulation In Las Vegas

Spinal adjustment and manipulations are a fundamental part of Chiropractic care, and premise of wellness services. At Advanced Occupational Health Centers, the overwhelming majority of what we do is spinal adjustment and manipulation on our Las Vegas patients. As a result, we are able to help patients from all over the area feel better and be more productive.

Ease Wear & Tear

Many people consider joint and general body pain as being “normal wear and tear” as if they are a piece of furniture. While it is true, your body may gradually wear over time, that doesn’t mean that there’s any reason to not feel your best every day. By performing manipulations, our Las Vegas Chiropractor can help ease the wear & tear on your joints and body in general.

Joints and ligaments are supposed to operate with natural fluid movements, and regular Chiropractic adjustments help with that naturally. An adjustment is gentle and eases the body back into alignment through various medically-proven methods. This alignment allows for maximum fluid movement.

Why Alignment is Important

Alignment refers to the head, shoulders, spine, hips, and ankles and how they are in reference to each other. When your body is misaligned it causes the associated joints and ligaments to wear prematurely and has a negative effect on the central nervous system. The correct pressure being applied by a Chiropractor can realign your vertebrae back into the proper position.

Patients often choose Advanced Occupational Health Centers as their Las Vegas chiropractic office of choice for an alignment as they know they can get in and out quickly and easily, and offer a variety of alignment services and therapies for wellness, pain, injury, and competitive advantage. All our patients understand one thing; with alignment the natural flow of all systems in the body can once again function at their fullest.




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